Smart Coasting - Think Green - Your E-Mobility specialist from Düren

We are specialized in the production and trade of electric scooters.

E-scooters offer action and fun but also relaxed rides to escape from everyday life.

Often stressed out and rushed to the office because of the annoying search for a parking space? Do you want to go shopping around the corner or go to the bakery for rolls? With our e-scooters, this problem will soon be a thing of the past.

Treat yourself to your personal time-out and relaxed progress thanks to the e-scooters. Whether in the office, on holiday or just for fun, the E-Scooters are the perfect and reliable companion for young and old.

Thanks to the emission-free and virtually maintenance-free engines, we protect our environment and that is exactly our goal! Of course, our goals also include customer satisfaction and good quality.

The E-scooters are easy to use, foldable and can therefore be easily taken under the arm anywhere. They can be loaded wherever you want, you don't need a garage or a large parking lot, because they are loaded at a household socket. Thus one can save enormous fuel costs, parking space costs and use besides also still renewable energies.

We try to have for everyone the right one to hand and extend constantly our model pallet.

Do you still have a suggestion for new vehicles? Write to us!


- Emission-free

- as good as maintenance-free

- no smell

- low consumption costs

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Some of our vehicles require a corresponding driving licence, but we don't worry about having fun vehicles!

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